Episode 16

Why do students fail?

student fail


One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Why do students fail?”

There are many factors that contribute to your results in school, but through our own research we have discovered one critical factor that has a massive impact on your grades.

Whilst we focus most of our time on things that are proven to improve results, in this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast we’re going to raise your awareness of one big thing that leads to failure so you can avoid it.

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“Your values drive your decisions. Of course, your decisions lead to your actions, which in turn, lead to your results. What value do you place on your education and personal growth?”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Performance Coach

You will learn:

  • What we’ve been doing here at Unstoppable Teen to figure out what causes some students to fail while others succeed (1:55)
  • Where you can complete the Unstoppable Teen Success Survey and get ideas that will help you improve your grades (3:31)
  • One fundamental issue we’ve discovered that causes students to fail (4:23))
  • How your values shape your decisions, actions and results (5:10)
  • Three questions we ask in the Unstoppable Teen Success Survey to help diagnose how much a student values their education (5:53)
  • The negative impact that many teenagers are having on each other’s progress (7:52)
  • Why are students so resistant to encourage each other to do well in school? (9:24)
  • How changes in the modern economy and jobs market have made education more important than ever before (11:00)
  • Why computers and technology have reduced the number of low-skilled jobs that are available (14:05)
  • One way students can increase the value and importance they place on education (15:23)
  • What do Adam Sandler, Ashley Judd, Chris Martin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emma Watson have in common that teenagers need to know? (16:13)
  • What research shows a 1% increase in your high school grades has on your future salary (21:30)
“We need to create an aspirational culture where teenagers feel comfortable talking to each other about how cool it is to learn and improve.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Performance Coach

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