Episode 45

3 essential elements of teen health

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Health is one of those things that many teenagers take for granted. We tend not to fully appreciate it while we’ve got it. But as soon as you’re unwell, you realise that health is a vital element of your life.

In case you’re not convinced that teen health is something we need to talk more about, here are some statistics we’ve found from the research we’ve conducted in high schools this year…

Less than 3% of young people who completed our surveys are consuming the recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables. Less than 20% of students are hydrating enough, and around the same number are getting sufficient sleep.

Shocking statistics like this will inevitably lead to problems. Is it any wonder that we’re seeing rapidly increasing rates of preventable illnesses and diseases in teenagers?

If you have poor lifestyle habits and regularly fail to give yourself what you need to be healthy, it’s just a matter of time before something bad happens.

Thankfully, there are lots of things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing. That’s what this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is all about.

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Research shows that the average young person in Britain today spends less time outdoors than an average prison inmate.

You will learn:

  • Health is more than just the absence of disease. (2:41)
  • Young people now have poorer levels of health than during World War II when food was rationed. (4:23)
  • The first essential element of teen health is your physical health. Kevin divides this into four sections that you can take action to improve. (8:01)
  • How many portions of fruits and vegetables we need to consume every day in order to be healthy (clue: it’s more than five!). (8:41)
  • How a teenager’s mouth is different to an adult’s mouth and how that can cause problems with healthy eating. (10:45)
  • What we need to do hydrate ourselves properly. (11:34)
  • Regular exercise is essential for good teen health. (12:10)
  • Your posture doesn’t just impact your physical wellbeing. It affects your mental and emotional health too. (13:40)
  • Inappropriate use of technology is preventing many young people from getting the rest they need to be healthy. (14:57)
  • The second essential element of teen health is mental health. (16:08)
  • Mental health, just like physical health, doesn’t happen on its own. You need to train the mind for good mental health. (18:08)
  • The third essential element of teen health is your emotional health. (20:36)
  • Mental health, emotional health and physical health are interlinked. Improving one of these elements can have a positive impact on the other two. (22:29)
  • There’s a difference is between being fit and being healthy. It’s important to focus on the latter instead of only thinking about the former. (26:04)
“Health is about having the energy you need to live well and achieve your greatest goals.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Life Coach

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