Episode 43

Top 10 employability skills for young people

episode 43

Would you like to get a part-time job, internship, voluntary position, or even achieve your dream career?

If so, do you know what employers are looking for during the interview process?

It turns out that school grades and qualifications aren’t enough. There are other employability skills and character traits that employers look for when recruiting young people.

Your grades and qualifications might get you to the interview stage of the recruitment process, but do you know what they are looking for next?

That’s what this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is all about

You see, here’s the thing…

If you don’t know what employers are looking for when they’re recruiting young people, it’s very difficult to show them you’ve got it.

Ready to discover the top ten employability skills that researchers have discovered almost everyone need to do almost any job?

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“There’s an unhealthy obsession with academics in school, and a worrying lack of the other employability skills that young people need to have successful careers in the modern economy.”
Kevin Mincher – Education Innovator

You will learn:

  • Why Kevin increasingly concerned about students’ lack of understanding about what it really takes to get a good job. (1:37)
  • The role of good grades in getting a good job or career, and why grades alone aren’t enough. (3:30)
  • What Kaplan and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills discovered in their research on the skills that almost everyone needs to do almost any job. (4:53)
  • Why Kevin thinks the current curriculum taught in school has become unbalanced, and the shocking percentage of business leaders that believe school leavers are not ready for the world of work. (6:13)
  • The first employability skill that employers are looking for: accountability. (9:10)
  • Why emotional intelligence is the second employability skill that employers are looking for. (10:15)
  • The third employability skill: having a positive mental attitude! (11:05)
  • That effective communication is the fourth employability skill that young people need to develop. (12:34)
  • Why the fifth skill that employers are looking for is high-quality problem-solving skills. (13:51)
  • The sixth skill: resilience. (14:46)
  • That strong self-confidence is the seventh skill employers are looking for. Just be careful not to cross the line from confidence to arrogance! (16:45)
  • All about skill number eight is: high levels of curiosity. (18:23)
  • That the ninth employability skill is adaptability, and why it’s so important to be flexible. (19:24)
  • Why the tenth and final skill you need is commerciality, and what that actually means. (20:10)
  • Some ways you can develop the employability skills discussed throughout this episode. (22:56)
“Modern employability skills need to become a more valued part of the national curriculum that is taught in all schools to all students. Until that happens, you need to master these skills in your own time at home.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Life Coach

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