Episode 44

Communication skills and careers advice from Solopreneur Hour host Michael O’Neal

episode 44

We all know how important it is for young people to develop high quality communication skills and receive up-to-date careers advice in order to succeed in the modern jobs market. If you don’t get that guidance in school, you have to get it elsewhere.

That’s where this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast comes in…

You’re about to listen in to a conversation between Kevin Mincher and Michael O’Neal. Michael is the inspirational host of the Solopreneur Hour Podcast. He’s an expert in communication, social media, and how to start your own successful business.

Michael is the first to admit he was a bit of a bad lad in high school, but he discovered his passions and ended up creating a great life for himself. He understands what it’s like to be a struggling teen, and he gives some brilliant insights on how to discover the right career for you.

In fact, this entire episode is packed with fantastic wisdom and advice for teenagers, parents and educators about what it takes to have a fantastic life.

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“Building relationships, more than anything in the world, will help your business life, it will help your love life, it will help your recreational life, it will help all of it.”
Michael O’Neal – Host of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

You will learn:

  • Even though you might speak the same language as someone else, your accent and range of vocabulary can get in the way of good communication. (2:40)
  • Not everyone has to become an entrepreneur. You can do well and build a fab career life for yourself by specialising in a trade. (5:01)
  • Why it’s important to gain lots of work experience. (6:24)
  • What Michael was like when he was a teenager…It wasn’t all good! (9:06)
  • How Michael got his life on track and became successful today. (15:22)
  • Tips on how to break the ice when meeting new people. (17:39)
  • What the FORM Method is, and how you can use it to have a good conversation with anyone. (20:56)
  • Why you should attend conferences and meet new people. (25:16)
  • Why it’s important to, “Get your face out of your phone.” (26:50)
  • Some tips for successful building your social media following. (30:17)
  • The difference between an entrepreneur and a solopreneur. (32:50)
  • Advice for people who might want to become a solopreneur. (35:38)
  • How to recognise when you’ve found the right thing to do with your life. (41:22)
  • What Michael believes it takes to be unstoppable. (43:49)
“People like people that are like themselves, and they work with people they like.”
Michael O’Neal – Host of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

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You can keep up with Michael O’Nealvia his social media channels. He’s on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram as @solohour.

Michael has a free online course called Conferencetopia, you can use to improve your communication and networking skills. Check I out here >>

Michael also has a new coaching program called The Art of the Interview, that students and teachers could use to create an inspirational podcast for your school. Find out more via this link.