Episode 42

Live your passion (Interview with Adventurer and Mischief Maker Anna McNuff)

episode 42

This episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is all about how to live your passion – or how to find it, if you haven’t discovered it yet.

All too often, I hear young people say “I’m bored.” As you’ll hear me explain, this boredom can lead to all kinds of negative behaviours such as disengagement in school, bullying, and even crime.

If you’re familiar with that feeling of boredom and lack of motivation, be sure to listen in, because our guest today can help you overcome those feelings and get more excitement into your life.

Ready to hear all about our special guest?

She’s none other than the brilliant Anna McNuff, who has been voted one of the 50 Most Influential Travellers in the world and one of the top modern female adventurers of our time.

During Anna’s adventures (which involve bikes and running shoes more than planes or trains), she raises money for charity and gives talks to schools. Her enthusiasm, sense of humour and sheer love for life are infectious – I’m confident you’ll catch them as you listen to our conversation.

In this interview, Anna talks about how she failed to reach her childhood ambitions (to become and Olympic athlete like her mum and dad), but ended up achieving something far more fulfilling. It’s inspirational stuff, so tune in if you want to feel uplifted.

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“People need to be doing things that they are so passionate about, they can’t think of doing anything else.”
Anna McNuff – Adventurer & Mischief Maker

You will learn:

  • All about Anna’s latest adventure in The Andes Mountains. (3:37)
  • What Anna was like during her teen years. She describes her struggles in school and motivation issues. (7:49)
  • How your level of motivation to do something is linked to how passionate you are about that thing. (9:39)
  • Anna’s advice to those who don’t feel they fit in with the crowd or that they have a passion that doesn’t conform to the norms. (11:43)
  • What parents and educators can do to help young people who haven’t found their passion yet. (13:12)
  • Inspirational books that Anna recommends. (15:29)
  • What it takes to become an Olympian, and how some people just aren’t prepared to make the sacrifices that are necessary. (19:00)
  • That you have to choose your pain, because every goal requires a significant amount of effort. (22:22)
  • How letting go of one goal can lead to opportunities for you to pursue even greater ambitions. (23:28)
  • How Anna discovered that travel and adventure are her “thing”, and why it’s important to read regularly. (26:38)
  • Which event made Anna realise that she needed more adventure in her life, and what her big “aha!” moment was. (28:00)
  • How Anna decided to take her bike and cycle 11,000 miles around America. (31:13)
  • What Anna did to prepare between the time she made her decision and the time she actually quit her job to cycle around America. (33:27)
  • Some of the highlights and challenges of Anna’s trip to America. (39:03)
  • What Anna did to turn adventure into her full-time profession. (41:58)
  • All about Anna’s adventure in New Zealand where she ran 2000 miles! (43:58)
  • Examples of mini-adventures Anna has done in between big trips. (45:18)
  • What inspired Anna to cycle the length of the Andes. (49:55)
  • The biggest things Anna has gained from all of her adventures and travels around the world. (51:56)
  • What Anna believes it takes to be unstoppable. (54:28)



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“If you’re bored, you haven’t found the thing that excites you, or you haven’t found the right people to hang out with.”
Anna McNuff – Adventurer & Mischief Maker

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