Episode 39

How to study better

episode 39

Right now, in the UK, USA, Canada, and other countries around the world, students right are studying for major tests and exams. While the exact tests may vary from place to place, the pressure for students to succeed is commonplace.

Here’s a big problem with that: many young people feel that they don’t know how to prepare effectively for a test or exam. If you aren’t confident in your study skills, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, schools tend to focus on what to learn rather than giving students necessary insights into how to learn effectively.

As I’m recording this, I’m getting ready work with students at the University of Warwick tomorrow. I’ll be sharing proven study strategies with students who are still in high school but have ambitions of going to university.

In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast, I’m excited to share with you an easy-to-use technique that enabled me to dramatically improve my grades in eight subjects in my last six months of high school. This method made a huge difference for me, and it could work for you too

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“Focusing on what to learn isn’t enough. Students must also understand how they learn in order to optimise their progress.”
Kevin Mincher – Student Performance Coach

You will learn:

  • How to structure your study sessions in order to boost your memory (2:36)
  • How long before a test or exam you should (ideally!) start studying, and why many people many create unnecessary stress. (3:30)
  • How to use Kevin’s “twenty-minute rule” and the Pomodoro Technique to advance your achievement levels. (4:48)
  • How many things the human brain can take in at any given point in time, and how this relates to how you should study. (5:44)
  • That the human brain has natural biorhythms that impact our ability to focus, and how to structure your study time in order to take advantage of this. (6:32)
  • Why it’s a good idea to study in two-hour to three-hour blocks. (8:38)
  • What happened to Kevin’s high school grades (and emotions) when he implemented the “Law of Small Chunks”. (9:46)
  • That your emotions have a huge impact on how much you can learn and remember. (10:21)
  • Some things not to do during your breaks between study sessions. (11:17)
  • How making a study agreement with your friends can help you stay focused. (11:39)
  • Two ways you can find out more of the tips that Kevin will be sharing with the students at the University of Warwick. (12:12)
“The brain learns best when you give it the curriculum in bite sized pieces; a little bit and often.”
Kevin Mincher – Student Performance Coach

Extra help

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