Episode 41

What to do in the last 24 hours before important tests and exams

episode 41


I’ve been on tour recently, helping students all over the country prepare for their final high school tests and exams. After an event in the northwest of England, a student asked for some extra help:

“Kev, nobody’s ever told me what to do the day before an exam. Have you got any tips that will help me perform at my best?”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: many schools are failing to show students how to perform at their best under pressure. They seem to think it’s sufficient to teach the curriculum and say a few encouraging words. But that’s not good enough. So as we head into exam season, I want to change that by offering some extra help.

It turns out that top achievers in sport, entertainment and business have certain routines they do before important performances that enable them to perform at their best. The same routines can be used by students to succeed in school.

In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast, you’ll hear tips on what to do (and what and to avoid!) in the 24 hours before tests and exams in order to boost your chances of getting the grades you want.

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“You don’t have to be perfect in order to pass tests and exams. Mistakes are inevitable. Just keep doing your best.”
Kevin Mincher – Student Performance Coach

You will learn:

  • How the British government has made significant changes to the way students get their grades. (1:16)
  • Why Kevin believes holistic learning can help more students succeed, and what that actually means. (4:10)
  • How to have a positive mindset before a test or exam. (4:50)
  • How Pareto’s 80/20 Rule applies to studying for tests and exams. (5:42)
  • Why it can be a bad idea to try to learn anything new in the last 24 hours before an exam. (7:57)
  • What top performers do to ensure they have the energy they need to perform at their best in tests and exams. (8:45)
  • What you might want to eat and drink on the day of an exam so you have better concentration. (10:15)
  • A simple strategy for getting to sleep the night before a big test. (12:25)
  • How to use music to get yourself in a positive emotional state before any test or exam. (17:05)
  • Why it’s extra important to avoid negative people during exam season. (17:44)
  • The kind of people you should surround yourself with in the last 24 hours leading up to a test or exam. (19:42)
“The difference between success and failure lies in your daily routines.”
Kevin Mincher – Student Performance Coach

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How to perform at your best in tests and exams


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