Episode 13

The 10 quickest ways to solve teen problems and improve results

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Here at Unstoppable Teen we believe EVERYONE (that includes you!) can have a fantastic life.

The question is, what’s the fastest way to get to get the results you want?

That’s what this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is all about.

We don’t want you to get stuck or take ages to succeed when there are ways to accelerate your progress and achievement.

So listen now to find out how to speed up your success.

“Success is deciding what you want in your life, then making it happen.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Performance Coach

You will learn:

  • What is success? (1:41)
  • The two routes to success (2:20)
  • The downside of trying to solve problems and achieve your goals on your own (2:45)
  • The incredible benefits of getting expert advice (3:29)
  • What experts can help you accomplish (5:47)
  • The importance of being coachable (6:29)
  • The different ways Kevin used experts to improve his life when he was a teenager (7:01)
  • Why its easier to get expert help now compared to any other time in history (8:59)
  • Two types of books you need to make a habit of reading (9:26)
  • How audio books and podcasts can change your life (11:42)
  • The best places to get free coaching videos from experts around the world (13:17)
  • The insights you can gain from documentaries (14:34)
  • How you can use social media to get free advice from world-class experts (15:44)
  • How easy it is to get powerful advice by subscribing to experts’ blogs and newsletters (16:25)
  • Why you should start attending seminars outside school time (17:35)
  • Why you ought to consider joining experts’ membership programmes (19:37)
  • The simplicity of using experts’ apps to accelerate your achievement (20:18)
  • How 1-to-1 coaching is the ultimate form of getting expert advice (20:40)
“No problem is permanent. There’s no issue that you cannot overcome.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Performance Coach

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ted talks
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