Episode 34

Teenage pregnancy, body confidence and career success (Interview with fashion blogger Natascha Cox)

episode 34

This episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast features an inspirational conversation with Natascha Cox, who you may recognise as a fashion columnist and blogger. In addition to her expertise in beauty, lifestyle and travel, Natascha is absolutely passionate about body confidence.

Natascha reveals the tough times she went through in her own youth, and has a unique insight into what it takes to transform your life when you’re young. She talks expertly about pursuing your true passion as a career, and explores what it takes to create a fantastic future even when you feel stuck.

Whether you’re a teenager, parent, or educator, I hope you’ll take something valuable away from this conversation in which Natascha also shares insights for improving body image and self-confidence.

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“Accept who you are and be happy with who you are.”
Natascha Cox – Blogger & Body Activist

You will learn:

  • Natascha’s expertise, achievements, and how she got into promoting body confidence through blogging. (2:38)
  • What Natascha’s childhood was like, how she got into trouble in her teen years, and words of wisdom for young people who are struggling today. (6:11)
  • How Natascha turned things around from the challenges of her youth, and how you can do it too. (10:03)
  • Natascha’s thoughts on education and choosing what to study. (13:56)
  • Why Natascha got involved in fashion, and how asking people for things can lead to opportunities. (17:11)
  • Some fashion tips and advice, including the importance of choosing things that work for you, and wearing them with confidence. (19:37)
  • What Natascha does in her voluntary work for Girls Out Loud.(21:01)
  • Some of the common problems that Natascha sees young people need to deal with these days. (24:23)
  • Errors we make in our own thinking that create body image issues. (25:50)
  • What Natascha loves about travel, and why she thinks it’s important to explore the world. (27:54)
  • Top places Natascha recommends that young people should put on their bucket list to visit someday. (31:36)
  • Natascha’s tips for young people who want to get into the fashion industry (33:29)
  • The main thing Natascha would change about the fashion industry if she could (34:42)
  • What Natascha believes it takes to be unstoppable in this modern, fast-paced world (36:35)
“It’s not going to be immediate, it will take you time, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to fail just because it’s taking longer.”
Natascha Cox – Blogger & Body Activist

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