Episode 18

Teen guide to better friends and relationships


We all know how important friends and relationships are. They can be a great source of joy and happiness in our lives. But they can be a source of pain if we’re not equipped with effective communication skills.

Unfortunately, most teenagers don’t receive many lessons in school about this significant area of life. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons lots of people experience so many issues in their connections with others.

We recently received a message from Jenny in New South Wales who said she was feeling isolated and alone. That’s a common problem for lots of teenagers and that why we’ve dedicated this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast to sharing simple ideas you can use to build better friendships.

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“If you feel dissatisfied with any of your relationships, that’s feedback you need to make some changes and improvements.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Coach

You will learn:

  • The 4 kinds of friends according to Errol Lawson and Jim Rohn (00:54)
  • Life changing lessons we can all learn from an old movie called ‘Pay It Forward’ (4:00)
  • What you need to focus on if you want brilliant relationships (4:58)
  • How to take the initiative with your friends (5:53)
  • The power that ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ have to transform your relationships (7:01)
  • What one teenager did to compel Kevin to help her and her classmates even more (7:41)
  • How Kevin turned a personal disappointment into a great experience for a complete stranger (10:41)
  • The 3-part challenge for teenagers who want better friends and relationships (16:10)
  • Why you can still be generous with your friends even if you don’t have any money (17:05)
  • What you can in addition to this podcast to upgrade your friendship skills (19:38)
“You get what you give in your relationships.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Coach

Be sure to watch Pay It Forward

  • pay it forward

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