Episode 30

Secrets of teen success (Interview with best-selling author and Business Speaker of the Year Richard Gerver)

episode 30

Here’s a tip for achieving success and becoming the best you can be: find people who have achieved extraordinary things, and ask them how they did it. After all, you learn all sorts of other skills from experts and teachers, so why not apply this same strategy to how to achieve success?

That’s exactly what Kevin does for you in this inspirational interview with Richard Gerver. Richard’s past achievements include being the head teacher who lead the transformation of a struggling school in a tough part of England. He was then appointed as a government advisor on education, before becoming a top leader in the business world. He is a bestselling author, has presented TED talks, consulted with massive companies like Google, and even became Business Speaker of the Year. To say he’s good at helping people succeed would be an understatement!

In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast, Richard offers not only the advice that he’s gathered through his own experiences, but also some that he’s gleaned from conversations he’s had with high achievers like Sam Smith, Jay-Z, Sir Richard Branson, and more.

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“What I would urge all young people to be is active. Don’t allow the world to pass you by. Don’t wish that you’d connected with, or tried to connect with, people who might have been able to help you. Go out there and do it!”
Richard Gerver – Best-Selling Author & Leadership Expert

You will learn:

  • What Richard was like during his teenage years. I might not be what you’d expect! (5:56)
  • Some of the things that Richard did to move his life in a more positive direction(8:22)
  • Why it’s important to expand your horizons, not limit yourself to your community and the people who happen to be around you (10:48)
  • Some of the super successful people Richard has interviewed and what he learned from them. In his answer, Richard refers to Jay Z and Sam Smith, both of whom shared the same mentor: Nick Raphael (13:01)
  • How you can go about finding yourself a supportive mentor (15:50)
  • The importance of being active rather than passive, and what the “rocking chair test” is (17:47)
  • Some of the most important attributes that young people need to develop to set themselves up for a fantastic future (22:42)
  • Barriers that can get in the way of being a good collaborator, and how to overcome them (25:51)
  • The difference between standards for success in school versus in life (28:52)
  • How the perspective of seeing yourself as a habitual problem solver can help you overcome challenges (31:40)
  • That no experience is a bad one if you process it the right way (33:52)
  • Why Richard recommends that young people watch the film Dead Poets Society(36:46)
  • Which books Richard thinks teachers should read (The Element and Winners), and an author who students should read (Andy Cope)
  • The thing Richard suggests young people should do first after listening to this episode, and his suggestion for parents (42:54)
  • What Richard recommends for teachers (45:23)
  • How to get in touch with Richard: at his website richardgerver.com or @richardgerver on Twitter (48:30)
  • What Richard believes it takes for someone to become unstoppable (49:04)
“I would suggest that one of the most vital skills young people need is to understand the positive nature of what failure can represent in terms of your own development.”
Richard Gerver – Best-Selling Author & Leadership Expert

Resources that Richard Gerver recommended in this episode:

dead poets society
the element

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