Episode 14

Finding confidence and inner peace with Moon Laramie



In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast we’re going to help you find more self-confidence and inner peace.

Kevin recently interviewed Moon Laramie, who is a former advisor to The United Nation’s Children’s Fund and the author of The Zombie Inside.

Moon shares simple strategies anyone can use to improve their emotional wellbeing. We encourage you to listen to the show and test the techniques to see if they work for you!

“The way that you think affects your life. So if you change the way you think, you can change your life.”
Moon Laramie – Author & Wellbeing Expert

You will learn:

  • What is inner peace and why is it important? (2:20)
  • What Moon was like during his teenage years and the personal problems he had to deal with at that time (4:07)
  • Why it’s a good idea to learn how to deal with personal changes in positive ways (6:48)
  • What the consequences are likely to be if you try to resist personal change (9:50)
  • What percentage of teenage girls say they are confident with their body and what you can do to combat this issue (12:20)
  • How you can overcome your own self-doubts (15:11)
  • What are some of the most common negative thoughts and doubts that people have (16:56)
  • What is ‘The Law of Attraction’ and how does it affect the quality of our lives? (17:35)
  • What thoughts should you be thinking of you want to attract more positive things into your life? (19:40)
  • What are ‘affirmations’ and how can you use them to improve your results? (20:33)
  • Which specific affirmations you could practice if you want to improve your health, relationships and grades (21:41)
  • What is ‘Mental Framing’ and how does it impact your level of happiness? (27:05)
  • How to activate your ‘Inner Adventurer’ and develop a habit of positive self-talk (29:23)
  • How to use your smart phone to improve your mindset (30:31)
  • One technique that Kevin used during his teen years to boost his self-belief (33:36)
  • How you and your friends can help each other get more confidence (35:23)
  • How you can connect with Moon and learn more from him (37:46)
  • What parents and teachers can do to help young people improve their lives (38:21)
  • What Moon believes it takes to be unstoppable (41:48)
“People with confidence have presence, but people who are present have confidence.”
Moon Laramie – Author & Wellbeing Expert

Check out Moon’s book:

MoonLaramie book

You can follow Moon via:

  • Twitter: @MoonLaramie
  • Facebook: Moon Laramie Official
  • Instagram: @moonlaramie

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