Episode 26

Q&A: I’m getting bullied, what should I do?

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Bullying is a huge problem that many of us face during our teen years. Indeed, according to recent research, bullying currently ranks as teenagers’ greatest concern (above school stress, body image issues, family problems, drug and alcohol concerns, etc.).

So we weren’t surprised when Christopher (aged 16) sent us the following question via Facebook this week…

“I’m getting bullied and I have low self-esteem. The thought of going to school every morning makes it even worse. How can I overcome this problem?”

Christopher isn’t alone. More than a quarter of teenagers say they’ve been bullied in the last twelve months. That’s unacceptable. And that’s why we’ve dedicated this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast to sharing strategies that you can use to overcome bullying and prevent it happening in the future.

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“We’ve got to be proactive in equipping teenagers with the mindset, strength of emotion and physical skills that are required to deal with bullying because it’s highly likely they will experience it at some point in their life.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

You will learn:

  • The first thing you MUST do if you ever get bullied (2:27)
  • Kevin’s definition of bullying and why it’s essential for all teenagers to equip themselves with strategies to deal with bullying (3:44)
  • Why bullies do the horrible things they do (5:04)
  • Why bullying doesn’t work and why bullies always lose in the end (8:05)
  • A positive alternative to bullying (9:20)
  • How many teenagers fall into the trap of becoming a bully or supporting bullies when they do bad things (11:57)
  • Two steps for dealing with bullying if it ever happens to you (14:37)
  • Three things you’ve got to strengthen if you want to recover from being bullied and prevent it from ever happening again (15:17)
  • Two books you should read if you want to develop a positive mindset and increase your mental toughness (18:24)
  • One thing parents and teachers need to do to equip young people with the skills they required to deal with bullying (19:55)
  • Two emotions teenagers can enhance if they want to move beyond bullying (21:47)
  • Something everyone can do to discover their strengths and re-build their self-esteem after getting bullied (23:26)
“A message for all bullies: You can’t make your life better by making other people’s lives worse. The only way you can make your life better is by improving yourself.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

Extra help for parents

In his new Unstoppable Parent webinar, Kevin Mincher shares simple strategies that parents can use to help their teens deal with bullying. It’s FREE for everyone and you can sign up by clicking here!

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