Episode 31

How to improve high school grades by being more resilient

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I was recently visiting a school and delivering my Get The Grades You Want seminar to a group of 16-year old students when a member of the audience told me how their studies had become difficult and they felt like quitting. Have you ever felt like that? If so, this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is for you 🙂

It worries me when students tell me they feel like quitting because school is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Indeed, we tend to learn more when we’re having fun. However, it’s supposed to be challenging too. We have to remember that one of the main purposes of school is to prepare us for careers, which means we need to use our time in school to master the skills we’ll need in our future workplace. One of these essential employability attributes is resilience.

It just so happens that resilient teens don’t just stand out in job interviews, but research also shows that resilient students tend to achieve better grades in high school too. That’s why we’re focusing on resilience in this episode. I’ll provide valuable tips on how to avoid quitting and be more resilient when the going gets tough at school.

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“Research shows that it’s not always the most naturally gifted students that get the best grades, it’s the ones that are most resilient and keep working who usually to rise to the top.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

You will learn:

  • Why it’s important to take on difficult challenges if you want to experience more joy and happiness. (03:36)
  • What “fool’s hope” is and why you need to avoid it. (04:04)
  • How flat-lining and performance dips are normal parts of the learning process you must go through if you want to achieve your goals. (06:22)
  • How hard work and persistent practice lead to spikes in progress. (08:33)
  • Why quitting sends you right back to the beginning and make your life harder than carrying on through the tough times. (09:50)
  • What to do to strengthen your resilience when you feel confused and stuck – It has something to do with the character, Dory, from Finding Nemo! (10:54)
  • Why you need to engage in activities that are outside of your talent range, and how doing so helps you grow. (13:53)
  • Why you should stop focusing on results and immerse yourself in the process improving your performance instead. (16:23)
“Taking on challenges that are outside your comfort zone helps you build your resilience muscle.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

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