Episode 29

How to boost teen motivation

episode 29

I created Unstoppable Teen in 1997 with the mission of helping a million young people experience a better quality of life. That includes having better grades, self-confidence, relationships, health, and career prospects. Achieving each of those things starts with teen motivation.

Take a look at this Facebook message I received from Andrew recently:

“I’ve got a bit of a problem, Kev. I’m lacking motivation. I’ve got some tests and exams that are coming soon, but I just can’t find the motivation to do the work. Can you give me some help — some advice to get me back on track?”

His question was wonderfully insightful in identifying the root cause of many teenagers’ problems. In this day and age, with the whole world at our fingertips online, it’s not a lack of resources that holds most students back. Instead, it’s a lack of sufficient motivation. To achieve something, you need to really want it. And as Andrew clearly expressed, sometimes it can be a struggle to maintain this drive.

In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast, you’ll learn about what you can do to boost your motivation. I offer hints, tips, and easy-to-use strategies to light that fire inside.

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“Being comfortable is the death of motivation. Many young people are so comfortable in their lives — It’s no wonder they don’t have any sense of urgency or motivation to make their lives better.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

You will learn:

  • How common it is for students to lack motivation (3:08)
  • That it takes a sense of motivation to get the results that you want (4:03)
  • What the two forms of motivation are, and why having an easy, comfortable life without much pain can actually be a problem (5:25)
  • The importance of having clear goals, and why not having them can lead to apathy (7:36)
  • Two things you need to be able to identify if you want to have motivation (8:27)
  • How the typical comfortable life of a teenager in a developed country can lead to a lack of motivation (8:59)
  • That if you want more motivation, you need to create discomfort for yourself (or for your kids or students, if you’re a parent or teacher) (11:51)
  • Some powerful questions you can ask yourself (or your kids or students) if you want to unleash motivation (12:24)
  • ZigZiglar’s views on motivation and what you can do to make it a daily habit (16:38)
  • Where you can find more help on this important subject (18:27)
  • Another thing you can do if you want to get more motivation at school (19:15)
“On one hand lots of teens have no pain to avoid, on the other hand they have no inspirational pleasure to move towards either. So they end up in an emotional void, a no man’s land, a grey area of apathy where they can’t be bothered.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

Use Kevin’s book to increase teen motivation

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If it’s more motivation you’re after, you’ll definitely want to read The Ultimate Youth Lifestyle because it provides a 7-step strategy you can use to increase you levels of achievement.

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Make motivation a daily habit

Ask yourself these two questions every day:

  • What will it ultimately cost me if I fail?
  • What do I ultimately stand to gain when I succeed?

Do you have your own tips and tricks for staying motivated? Do you find avoiding pain or pursuing pleasure to be a stronger source of motivation for you? Please feel free to share these thoughts in the comments section below!

If you have questions that you’d like Kevin to answer in a future episode, please contact us anytime via our social media channels or email podcast@unstoppableen.com. If you know a teen who it struggling with their motivation, send him or her this podcast

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