Episode 17

From teen hell to all is well (Interview with Errol Lawson)

Errol Lawson

Have you ever had an occasion when different people gave you the same advice?

Well that recently happened to Kevin when different people kept telling him to speak to Errol Lawson.

Errol was once a drug dealer, but now he’s an author, school speak and entrepreneur. He has an incredible life story and he’s doing brilliant things to help young people improve their lives.

In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast Errol shares how bad things got when he descended into a life of gangs and crime. More importantly, he shares how he turned it all around and reveals what you can do if you want to transform your life.

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“We can have excuses or we can have success, but we can’t have both.”
Errol Lawson – Author & Speaker

You will learn:

  • What happened to Errol during his teen years that sent his life into a tailspin (4:32)
  • How Errol reached his tipping put and started to get his life back on track (8:45)
  • What can happen when you get a mentor who believes in you (9:51)
  • What parents and teachers need to do if they want to help a troubled teen (12:41)
  • How magical things happen when you accept 100% responsibility for your life (13:17)
  • The four types of friends and which ones you need to surround yourself with if you want to be happy (15:43)
  • How to figure out if someone is a good friend (18:41)
  • How to get momentum and keep moving in the right direction when you’re turning things around (20:25)
  • Inspirational books that Errol recommends (22:55)
  • How to avoid falling back into old negative patterns when you’re trying to make new changes stick (24:44)
  • How your life can change in the moment you make a proper decision (26:40)
  • The importance of self-awareness and figuring out your true potential (30:03)
  • Why young people need to become leaders (35:30)
  • What makes a good leader (36:46)
  • What Errol believes it takes to be unstoppable (40:06)
“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”
Errol Lawson – Author & Speaker

Check out the books that Errol recommended:

  • Errol res1
  • Errol res2
  • Errol res3
  • Errol res4
  • Errol res5
  • Errol res6

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