Episode 9

How teenagers can get “Lit From Within” with Deanne Barrett

Lit From Within


In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast, Kevin interviews an incredible high school teacher from Canada who goes the extra mile to help her students succeed.

You might be wondering why on Earth you’d want to listen to an interview with a teacher

Well, this particular teacher, Deanne Barrett, has interviewed teen experts from all over the planet and is sharing the recordings of those interviews online – for FREE!

So if you want to increase your confidence, achieve better grades or deal with a problem you’re facing, you’re going to want to listen to this interview and tap into Deanne’s expert advice.

“When we lose that sense of curiosity or interest in taking on a new challenge, then I think there is a dullness in life.”
Deanne Barrett –Teacher & Creator of Lit From Within

You will learn:

  • How Deanne become a teacher(3:01)
  • What makes a great teacher (4:11))
  • What Deanne was like as a child and teenager (5:07)
  • What you can do to improve your reading skills and English grade (6:28)
  • Deanne’s top 5 favourite books for teenagers (9:41)
  • How to accept the unique personal traits and not conform to the crowd during your teen years (11:23)
  • Top tips if you’re considering a career as a teacher (14:10)
  • What’s brilliant about our education system (17:10)
  • What Deanne would do to improve education (19:07)
  • Why it’s important for young people to know what their strengths are (21:15)
  • What students can do to take control of their own learning and improvement (22:48)
  • The common mistake that students need to avoid when learning (25:07)
  • What parents can do to help and support their teen’s learning (26:39)
  • What the “Lit From Within” online summit is all about and how you can get involved for FREE! (28:02)
  • What Deanne believes it takes to be unstoppable (33:00)
“If you have a sense of your own strengths and know you have things you’re good at, then those difficult challenges you have to learn don’t seem so overwhelming.”
Deanne Barrett –Teacher & Creator of Lit From Within

Be sure to sign up for the LIT FROM WITHIN teen summit set up by Deanne – it’s completely FREE!

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Check out the books that Deanne recommended:

  • lit book1
  • litbook2
  • lit book3
  • lit book4
  • lit book5

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