Episode 37

3 steps to achieve better grades

episode 37

Right now, high school students around the world are preparing for their final tests and exams, and that pressure is weighing heavily on many young minds.

Last week, I visited my old school to share success strategies with students. Afterward, I had a conversation with a student called Charlotte (not her real name!). In just about every way, Charlotte is a good student: she has good attendance, takes good notes in class, asks lots of questions, studies hard, and has positive relationships with her teachers.

Even so, Charlotte is incredibly nervous about the tests and exams she’s about to complete. She’s anxious and worries about what will happen if she doesn’t get the results she wants.

I gave her various tips and ideas on how to perform at her best under pressure, but since other young people across the country (and world) are facing the same challenges, I’ve decided to share some of these ideas with you in this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast.

I’ve funnelled much of my advice into three simple steps for achieving better grades…

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“Your goals become easier to reach when you take time each week to learn strategies that are proven to work.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

You will learn:

  • Why it’s easier to learn today than ever before. (2:26)
  • What many schools are failing to give their students and these three steps can help to plug the gaps. (6:02)
  • Step 1: How you need to use the emotion of desire if you want to improve your grades. (6:38)
  • Whose responsibility it is to help students have a greater desire to learn. (8:58)
  • Questions that parents and teachers need to ask themselves if they want to help their children excel in school. (12:29)
  • Step 2: Why belief is an important ingredient in the recipe for better grades, and how you can boost your self-belief. (15:03)
  • Four simple words that parents and teachers can use to help young people believe in themselves. (17:03)
  • Step 3: How to embrace the power of proven strategies to accelerate your progress and achievement. (19:26)
  • Some of the very specific learning strategies that student can use to improve their ability to learn and succeed in school. (21:02)
  • That Kevin has a FREE gift for listeners of this episode: a downloadable study guide with over 20 effective study skills. (24:13)
“Sleep has a massive impact on your stress levels. Teenagers need 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Make sure you get it!”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

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