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10 Inspirational podcasts for you

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Need a podcast listen that will get you thinking, boost your confidence and entertain you? Here are Unstoppable Teen’s ten favourite podcasts – download them and stick them on next time you’re on the road or chilling out.

1. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This former professional athlete now interviews successful people to find out how they made it to the top. Millionaire business owners, social media superstars, best-selling authors, famous actors… they all share their stories and the strategies that enabled them to achieve greatness. Each episode is packed with ideas and insights you can use to take your own results to the next level. We highly recommend it

2. This American Life

Yeah, it’s been around for ages but This American Life is an amazing podcast that never fails to make us laugh, cry or gasp in horror! Each episode brings together people’s stories and links them to a bigger theme. It’s always surprising and is packed full of ordinary people who have done amazing things.

3. Aim A Little Higher

This British podcast is a mix of interviews, information and Q&A sessions aimed at motivating young people to… well, as the name suggests, aim a little higher! Recent episodes have looked at personal branding, what to do after GCSEs and building a positive mindset. Awesome inspiration-builders from good ol’ Blighty.

4. Stuff You Should Know

Ever wondered how the Great Wall of China was built, or why freak shows died out, or who Anonymous really is? Then you need to listen to Stuff You Should Know. Guaranteed you’ll come away with loads of meaningful facts to impress your mates, mum and dad. *Cue open mouths at the dinner table*.

5. Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces

Master of words, king of UK hip hop Scroobius Pip interviews people as random as Simon Pegg, Russell Brand and WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. It’s not a quick listen but you’ll hear some fascinating conversations on big issues that will stretch your thinking further than you thought possible.

6. TED Talks Podcasts

Whether you’re interested in technology, art, sport, politics, education or entertainment, there’s a TED Talk for you. We especially like the father and daughter beat-boxing demonstration!

There’s also the Ted Radio Hour, which brings together several TED Talks on similar themes:

7. The Daily Boost

This is one of the most listened to podcasts in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Every day you get ten minutes of practical, funny, real life tips that will boost your confidence and kick-start your day. Give it a try!

8. How To Do Everything

Similar to Stuff You Should Know, How To Do Everything unpicks some of life’s more everyday challenges, like how to leave or send a message, and a guide to destroying drones. Random, granted, but you need to know this stuff… really.

9. Tough Girl Podcast

This UK podcast interviews amazing women about their achievements and challenges. Focusing mostly on athletes and adventurers, and the incredible things they have done, this is a brilliant channel for celebrating women who demonstrate the true meaning of girl power.

10. Answer Me This

Another classic UK podcast that’s been running since 2007. Ollie and Helen answer listeners’ questions on everything from Gogglebox to selfie stick death. It’s informative, funny, and well worth a listen. Great background chat when you’re hanging out with friends too.!/id208516732

But wait, that’s not all…

Of course, no list of inspirational podcasts for teenagers

would be complete without our very own Unstoppable Teen Podcast!. Check out our weekly show for the latest advice and information for getting the most out of life. We interview successful celebrities and high achievers to uncover their success secrets. What’s more, our founder, Kevin Mincher, answers your questions and provides top tips for creating the future you want. Check it out today!