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What can we learn from Adele about dealing with criticism and achieving your dreams?

achieving your dreams

To say that Adele is the woman of the moment would be an understatement. The singer from the tough side of town has won millions of people’s hearts with her sensational singing and song writing.

Adele is respected around the world for her award-winning music, but behind the fame and fortune there’s much we can learn from a woman who’s overcome much to make it to the top.

A record-breaking machine!

At the age of 27, Adele is already one of the most successful female singers of all time. Her album, 21, became the longest running number one album by a female solo artist in the history of the UK and US album charts.

Adele’s other achievements include:

9 x Grammy Awards

3 x Brit Awards

3 x American Music Awards

1 x Academy Award

1 x Golden Globe

Time magazine even named Adele as one of the most influential people in the world.

So was it easy to accomplish these things?

A tough start didn’t stop her

Adele was only two years old when her father left her to be raised by her mother in a working class area of North London. She clearly didn’t let this challenging start to life hold her back in any way.

Adele pursued her dream of becoming a singer from an early age. It’s what she says she lived for after. Time and time again we discover successful people have goals that inspire them.

Adele’s prospects took an upturn when she was accepted into the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology. It’s there that she studied her profession and honed the skills that kick-started her career.

It was far from easy

After signing her first record deal the criticism came thick and fast…

Like many women, Adele was judged for the way she looked. Many record label executives said she needed to lose weight in order to attract a wider fan base and become more popular.

In addition to such insensitive and inappropriate comments being made behind the scenes, Adele was outrageously criticised in public by various high profile people, including fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, who said she was ‘too fat’.

Commitment will set you free

Despite persistent pressure from the media industry to conform to their ridiculous stereotypes of what women in the spotlight should look like, Adele walked her own path and maintained her commitment to be herself.

This integrity is one of the qualities that Adele’s fans love about her, and it’s one of the character traits that enables her to be so successful.

3 important life lessons we can learn from Adele

  • Don’t let your background or upbringing be a restriction on your future achievement. Success is not what you have in your childhood, but your level of ambition and work ethic maintained over the long-term.
  • You aren’t defined by the way you physically look, but rather by the way you treat others and the words you choose when communicating with others.
  • You will have critics. Don’t take their opinions personally, and don’t change yourself to please others. . Maintain your dignity, trust yourself, and accept the consequences of your actions – whatever they may be.

Adele has many strengths. We could write a book about her!

We encourage you to find your own role models, and like Adele, have the courage to pursue your own dreams – you never know where the journey will take you.

Be unstoppable!