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How To Get Your Hands On £500,000

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the following…

“It’s important to do your best in school and get good grades.”

But why? Why are today’s young people being encouraged to pursue academic achievement when many of their parents and grandparents didn’t have the same pressures but seemed to do okay in life?

Could the world, and more specifically – jobs and careers around the world, be changing before our very eyes without some people noticing?

Why do adults keep harping on about getting good grades?

You know what? Getting a good education matters because it sets you up for a much better quality of life in the future.

For example, did you know that a Labour Force survey in 2013 found that university graduates in Britain earn an average of 58% more those who stopped studying after completing their A-Levels in high school?

How much are your grades worth?

Separate research by the UK Office for National Statistics found that people with qualifications equal to a university degree earn an average of £12,000 a year more than non-graduates.

That equals an extra £552,000 in your wages over the course of your career. Wow!

That’s enough to buy yourself a dream home, a fleet of incredible cars, annual holidays to the most amazing places around the world, and incredibly generous gifts for your family and friends!

national statistics

Make the most of your skool daze!

Today’s young people can’t play the game of life in the same way as previous generations because the jobs market is constantly changing all over the world.

It seems that in the modern economy, how much you earn is likely to be related to how much you learn.

So if having a well-paid career is one of your ambitions, it really does make sense to do your best in school and continue to educate yourself for as long as possible.

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