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Possibly The Easiest Thing You Can Do That’s Proven To Improve Happiness

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Gratitude might seem like an everyday occurrence – thanking a stranger as they hold open the door for you; thanking a friend for lending you something; thanking a member of your family cooking your dinner. But how often do you really feel appreciative for all the wonderful things in your life – from the little everyday things, to the magic moments that bring you lots of happiness?

These videos encourage us to make gratitude a bigger part of our daily lives, and they explore the positive things that come from the simple acts of saying thank you and feeling appreciative for what we have.

This Oprah Winfrey video is what inspired me to look into the subject of gratitude in more detail. When a self-made billionaire tells you keeping a gratitude journal is the most important thing they’ve ever done, you have to pay attention, don’t you?!

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Saying thank you, and expressing gratitude, has been scientifically proven to make us happier! Don’t believe me? Soul Pancake did a heart-warming experiment on unsuspecting subjects and saw their happiness levels soar. Maybe you could try this at home…

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Giving gifts to others gives you the chance to experience their gratitude, and to enjoy all the warm fuzzies that come with making someone else happy. While gifts are certainly not the be all and end all this holiday season, we think this airline’s attempt to bring joy to a whole plane-full of passengers is absolutely brilliant.

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What would the world be lie if more people created these random acts of kindness for loved ones and random strangers? You don’t have to do it on such a grand scale, but what could you do to create a magic moment for someone when they least expect it?

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season that’s filled with love, gratitude and happiness 🙂

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