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Healthy celebs who all share the same life-changing secret

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ut healthy celebs

Does your health matter to you? Do you want to look good and avoid illness? If so, you’re going to want to read this article because you may be surprised by what increasing numbers of celebrities are doing to improve this area of their lives.

Famous people have always been focused on maintaining their image, but now they are prioritizing their health as well. Healthy celebs are the norm nowadays because having lots of energy is one of the things you must have to get to the top – and stay there!

When you’re wealthy you can choose what you eat and drink whenever you like. It’s tempting to think that any of us in that position would consume as much as possible, but in reality the opposite is true.

What’s the biggest celebrity secret to looking good and feeling healthy?

It’s easy to think that boozing is an important part of a millionaire celebrity lifestyle, but that’s not necessarily so. Many celebrities have quit drinking alcohol altogether and say they feel better than ever as a result.

Lots of famous people are now teetotal. Sometimes a star will have a battle with the bottle before they realize that life without alcohol is more productive. Others just make a decision that their life will be better without it.

All these healthy celebs have chosen to live teetotal lives. Here we reveal their reasons why:

You look better

  • Naomi Campbell has banished hangovers and alcohol from her supermodel diet – a main factor in keeping skin hydrated, radiant and rejuvenated.
  • Jennifer Lopez also cares more about her health than a champagne lifestyle. She cites her glowing skin as an important part of her teetotal lifestyle.
  • Daisy Lowe’s life and body has been transformed by becoming a clean-living non-drinker.

It’s great for your health and energy levels

  • David Beckham has lived his adult as an international sportsman and he still abstains for health and fitness reasons
  • Eminem discovered that a friend could bring you back to health. He has been helped by Elton John to beat his deep addictions – and has never looked back.
  • Alcohol also took Kelly Osbourne to the darkest depths but she mended her health and her mind when she gave it up.

The taste is a turn-off

  • Leona Lewis simply doesn’t enjoy the taste so opts for non-alcoholic options.
  • Kim Kardashian has imbibed occasionally but she has never got the taste for it.
  • World Tennis #1 Andy Murray had a celebratory drink once. He hated it.

What you’ve never had you’ll never miss

  • Blake Lively abstains from stimulants; she simply never got the taste for them.
  • Jennifer Hudson has also never had a single drink.
  • Model Tyra Banks tried alcohol when she was 12 and never went back.

There are more important things to do with your life

  • Daniel Radcliffe would drink until he blacked-out. All that finished after he filmed the last Harry Potter film and he realized that life without drink is ‘lovely’.
  • Christina Ricci drank as a teen but made the positive decision to kick the drink after a few too many parties.
  • Katy Perry ditched the booze in 2010 to work harder on her career, something she didn’t feel she could do when she was frequenting bars.

So rather than falling into a drinking culture that some people think is ‘normal’, we encourage you to think for yourself, like the celebrities above, and make your own decisions that will help you create the lifestyle you want.

Do you have any health advice for teenagers? Please share your insights and comments below.