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Beyond Bullying

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Being inspired and motivated by others is a great way to push forward when life is tough and nothing seems to be going your way. Almost all successful people had to overcome obstacles, make sacrifices, and work hard to get where they are today. We hope these videos inspire you and those you love, to deal with whatever challenges come your way.

Think bullying can’t happen to popular kids? In this emotional speech from last month, pop star Selena Gomez touches on the bullying she’s experienced being in the public eye, and urges teenagers all over the world to shake off the negativity and learn to forgive those who spread it.

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Shane Koyczan’s poem went viral and has been viewed by more than 3,000,000 people. He beautifully captures how it feels to be young, different and bullied, and also reveals the remarkable strength that can be developed from such difficult experiences.

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This documentary is essential viewing – it shows the real-life experiences of five kids who are bullied and raises serious questions about the attitudes of students, parents and teachers when it comes to tackling bullying in school. Check out the trailer here:

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