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What Can Paloma Faith Teach You About Success?

Award Winning Recording
Award-Winning Recording Artist Admits To Many Mistakes

Are you the one sat in class staring at your work, at the paperor even out of the window, wondering what to do? Are you the one feeling you always seem to get things wrongor look stupid? Are you the one who thinks you struggle more than others?

This is for you 🙂

Problems are part of the journey

Paloma Faith accepted her award at The Brit Awards last monthby openly revealing to the crowd how it’s taken her fourteen years to make it in the Music Industry and to win her first Brit Award. She then went on to state:

“Flaws are what make people human,
I don’t claim to be perfect I make so many mistakes.”

Now with that in mind and the fact she started out fourteen years ago singing in her local area, do you think she was as good then as she is now? Hell no! She simply started with(and maintained) an attitude that she wouldn’t give up on being who she wanted to be no matter how hard it might get.

Effort conquers everything

Paloma went on to finish her acceptance speech by dedicating her award to “… all the underdogs and all the grafters who work hard!” Enough said.

I think it’s safe to say Paloma has worked extremely hard to get where she is today by making many mistakes, but always learning from them to know what to do differently next time around.

You can check out Paloma’s speech below – The best bit is near the end…

Free yourself from fear and perfection

As I contemplated writing this article, I was looking at a blank page…

I was about to produce something intended to inspire teenagers and finally live my dream of being a writer. Now you would think I’d have been excited to get started but do you know what, I was scared. I was afraid that what I create might not inspire you.

And then it hit me…

I often think I’m going to screw up in some way or not do things ‘perfectly’. But Paloma makes us realise that we have to free ourselves from this fear and desire to be perfect all the time because if we just keep trying for long enough, we’ll eventually reach our goals anyway.

Adopt the attitudes of achievers

From this point forward instead of seeing your flaws as the things that hold you back, maybe it’s time you see your flaws as the fuel that keeps you constantly driving towards being the most determined, successful and happy young adult that you can possibly be.

Remember, with every mistake, there’s always a new way!

Like Paloma, become more than others might expect of you by just trying that bit harder than the last time you felt stuck. Make your flaws your claws! Claw your way to the top I say, to the finish line, to those grades you wantand whatever your dream may be – no matter what it takes.

Be unstoppable!

Written by Katie Bunting