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3 ways to kick start your revision

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Struggling to hit the books and get your revision nailed? Follow our guide and make some progress. Come on, it’s easy!

No, we’re not your parents or teachers lecturing you. Lots of teenagers have asked us for advice in the area of revision. It’s a common scenario… The text books are waiting, your timetable is mapped, but there’s something holding you back from getting started and smashing it.

We’ve all been there. The exams are looming, the pressure’s on, and yet you just can’t find it in you to sit down and open that first notebook. When it’s time to study it can often feel like just about anything else would be more fun, even staring at your bedroom wall.

Unstoppable Teen has three simple yet effective ideas to get you motivated to revise.

Music is often overlooked as a motivational tool. According to Healthline, the health information website, music can lift our mood. So when you’re feeling down or demotivated about revision, playing your favourite uplifting tunes can help. However, when you do finally start revising, try listening to something less heavy on lyrics – you don’t want to be mentally singing along to a song, while trying to remember the Periodic Table.

You know how it is, you’re just settling down and grabbing a pen to write some notes when you’re phone goes off, and you just have to see who’s messaged you. Or the TV is on in the background and it catches your attention with a shocking story. With technology and media around to distract us, giving your full attention to preparing for exams can seem even more difficult, so it’s best you distance yourself from these distractions. Just turn off your TV or phone during the time you’re studying, and you’ll be surprised at how much productive revision you’ll get done.

Possibly the most difficult part of any work you have to do is getting started. You’ll often find that when you actually open up that textbook and get writing, it really isn’t as arduous as you’d imagined it to be in your head. Just force yourself in to the first five minutes and soon everything will begin to flow. Really, it’s true, now get going. You’ll be hitting your target grades in no time.

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